Giving you freedom to do what you do best

While we make sure others know about it


When you realize they forgot to tell you in medical school there's a lot more to building a successful practice than just being an amazing physician.

Growing a successful medical practice requires skillful, strategic marketing.

Effective marketing requires:




and consistency.

What You do

And hire a trained professional to tell others about it.


our goal = help you increase your referral business


For over 10 years, the team at Lexicon Medical has helped physicians and medical practices increase their referral business through proven marketing strategies, high caliber marketing representatives, and expert marketing support.

We recruit, hire, train and manage an experienced marketing representative who becomes an extension of your practice and, with a custom-designed target roadmap, will engage referring providers to ensure you come to mind when they're making referrals.

We work with you to deliver the right message, to the right people, with the right amount of frequency.

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Why Should I hire Lexicon
to Market My Practice?


Many practices choose to hire their own marketing representative, which is fine, and we even have resources to help. They often discover, however, that doing your own marketing is tough. It takes time that you could be using to do what you do best - practice medicine. It's costly - you incur added overhead expense - and the return is often not there. Having to recruit, hire, train and manage an individual or team and keep up with what they're doing consumes much of your energy and resources which could be spent on taking care of patients. 




It's Quite Simple: 

We know how to engage with referring providers to ensure they have you in mind when making referrals.

We offer short-term, renewable contracts and multiple pricing levels so you can choose your level of engagement and get the help when you need it.

We've been helping physicians grow their referral business for over 10 years and have hired, trained and managed over 200 marketing reps nationwide.


It just makes sense.





You Have Questions

We Have Answers




❖ does lexicon work with clients anywhere in the u.s.?   

Yes. We serve clients all over the U.S. We'd love to hear from you, no matter what state you're in!Contact us and tell us about your practice and how we can be of help!

❖ How do you find a marketing rep for me?   

With over 15 years in the industry, our team has an extensive network of medical marketing and sales representatives. Yours will be recruited, hired, and trained specifically for engaging referring providers to let them know about you and your services. Each candidate goes through a rigorous interview process, culminating in an interview with you. We are selecting "the jewel" — the perfect fit for you and your marketing needs.

You have final approval on the candidate selected to be your representative. 

❖ will the representative be marketing for another practice in addition to mine?   

No. We do not permit reps to market for more than one client at a time. They are in the field as an extension of your practice with business cards and full identity as the marketing representative for your business.


❖ How will the marketing representative determine who to speak to about my practice? 

As soon as you sign on with Lexicon Medical, we will ask for your input for developing a strategic target roadmap for the representative to follow. This input from you, combined with our own knowledge of industry trends gives us the basis for a unique roadmap which our team creates from our database of vetted targets and research of your specific geographical area and target providers.

❖ Will Lexicon have reps in the field representing similar practices to mine?   

As a rule, we do not represent more than one of a specific specialty in a single geographic area. If you are a neurologist, for example, and you are our client, we will not accept any other neurologists from your geographic area as long as we are representing you.


As soon as you sign on with Lexicon Medical, we work with you to develop the right message for your representative to deliver to the target list of referring providers. Our proven track record for increasing patient referrals is largely due to the successful strategies for engagement and effective communication we've developed with time and experience.

❖ If Lexicon does all of the training, supervising,
equipping and managing, what do i need to do for my

You will be responsible for providing marketing materials for your representative. If you don't have any, never fear! Lexicon can help you get them! We also request your involvement with developing the marketing message and generating the target roadmap (see next question).

❖ If the representatives you hire have medical marketing experience, what do they need training for? 

Regardless of how much medical marketing/sales experience a representative has, we want to ensure, when they go out on the field, they are engaging referring providers with the strategies for engagement and effective communication Lexicon has developed over time. Every representative goes through an extensive training program under the guidance of a trainer and a mentor rep. We believe our training program is one of the key factors in our success.

❖ how can you be sure the rep is really making marketing visits using the roadmap you developed and with the methods you have required?   

Great question! We understand one of the biggest frustrations for physicians who try to manage their own, in-house marketing team is they never really know what those people are doing while out of the office. We have heard all kinds of crazy stories related to this issue! We have several ways of monitoring the activity of our marketing representatives. 

Each rep is required to submit detailed reports on every visit they make in a week. These weekly reports are emailed to you at the beginning of each week so you will know, at all times, what your rep is doing for you on the field, who they've spoken to, what they've learned, and even recommendations from them for specific marketing activities. We have very specific criteria for what they are to do at each office they visit, and their compensation is dependent on these criteria being met.

Additionally, you will be given the opportunity to ride along with the rep to meet with some of the providers they have visited. Your rep will facilitate strategic appointments for you to make personal visits with key target providers.

❖ How much does it cost to hire lexicon's services?   

We were hoping you'd ask! We offer contracts which make it easy to "try out" this approach to marketing your practice for a short term and a pricing structure which allows you to choose your level of engagement with room to expand if the need should arise. We'd love to hear about you and your business needs.


our story

Lexicon medical was founded with a pioneer spirit and a lot of lemonade.

There was a time when our founder, Kristin Parker, found herself with a lot of lemons. Following an award-winning career in the Pharmaceutical Sales industry, life brought unexpected twists and turns, and Kristin faced a future with huge uncertainties.

During her years calling on physicians and medical practitioners, she'd seen a need for a service which few, if any were providing. Kristin had the courage to take a risk and start this new business to provide outsource marketing services for specialty physicians to help them increase their referral business. In 2007, starting with one local client in Austin, Texas, Kristin launched Kristy Ryan Medical Marketing. Her name carried an excellent reputation in the Austin area, so KRMM quickly grew in the local market.

When a Dallas physician became a client of KRMM, Kristin renamed the company Greater Texas Medical Marketing. She figured that name was a winner because she thought she'd only be serving Texas physicians. A third re-brand came when it became apparent that the company would be serving physicians anywhere in the United States!

Now joined by a band of other dynamo women, Kristin and the Lexicon Leadership Team have hired, trained and managed over 200 marketing representatives nationwide. Lexicon marketing reps are award-winning industry leaders and include PhD's, MBA's, CPA's, RNs, and MHA's. 

Kristin is a thought leader in the field of medical marketing. She writes articles for medical publications and is sought after to share her knowledge through public speaking with physician groups, practice administrators, and medical societies. She also provides training for existing marketing teams and sales organizations. 

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In her medical marketing blog, Doses of Parker, she shares her discoveries and experiences to help physicians, practice administrators, marketing directors, and other medical marketers. Texas Medical Association commissioned her to write a book for their CME curriculum, "Marketing Smart: A Guide for Medical Practices", which was released July 2017.

Life brought lemons. Kristin used 'em to make lemonade, aka Lexicon Medical.



Whether you hire Lexicon Medical to provide a marketing representative for you or you continue
to do your own marketing, we have
resources to help you.


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Kristin W. Parker has consolidated the marketing wisdom she has presented to physician groups, practice administrators, and medical societies over the years into this one, comprehensive resource. Available through Texas Medical Association (Earn CME!).

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