Bringing Patients to Your Door

LEX·I·CON ['lek - sə- kän]

n. the vocabulary of a language: the spread of the word about your practice.

Lexicon Medical caters to specialty medical practices looking to develop and cultivate their relationships with other practices and the medical community. Lexicon Medical has made itself an invaluable resource for physicians looking to grow the number of new patient referrals in several ways:

Increase the number of patients referred to your practice.

Lexicon Medical increases your new patient referrals by making in-person calls to increase awareness about your practice. We are well-versed on the vocabulary and trends of both the marketing and medical industries, allowing us to effectively communicate your message to your peers.

Gain valuable feedback about your practice.

Just as experts of lexicons, or linguists, study how categories of words may be linked in a lexical network, we strive to connect physicians of different specialties in the medical community. Building these relationships allows you to receive information not only about your peers’ practices, but about your practice, too, enabling physicians to better refer patients to the right specialists.

Target the right audience with the right message.

Lexicons continually grow and adjust, and so do we. Our team makes sure to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and shifts in the industry, as new physicians, specialties and terminologies are added to the field. And we are flexible enough to market to businesses outside the medical field at your request, so that your practice reaches the correct audience.

Lexicon Medical offers short-term contracts and affordable monthly rates to ensure your practice meets and exceeds its goals of bringing in new patients.